Snowflake City




Marshnyme, Nymellis

Capital city of the Bees.


The Snowflake Swamp was named after this city, the first successful Bee settlement in Nymellis. Situated in the hottest place on Earth, the name might seem funny or misleading but is in fact a callback to the Arctic origins of the Bees.


Snowflake City is typical of Bee cities in consisting of one large 'hive' structure, with a number of smaller hives on top. As the national and regional capital, it is especially large, with four such roof hives.

Entry is possible through many open doors and hatches on the roofs (for residents only), or through the three enormous gates at ground level. Two gates face south (Long Gate and Main Gate) and one south-west (Ice Gate); they are accessible across the swamp by wooden walkways.

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