Human Name

The Bee Kingdom

Owl Name


Bee Name


Seal Name

Bee Barren


Earth (Eurasia)


Snowflake City

Nymellis ("The Bee Kingdom", "Groundland") is the home of the downtrodden bees.

Geography & RegionsEdit

Covering the entire future continent of Eurasia, Nymellis includes marshes, deserts, tundra and plains. The continent is divided into four, with clear northern, western and eastern sections enclosing the smaller central section. These natural divisions largely match with political regions (though Wulnyme is significantly larger than the central mountain-bound division).

In the western region of the Sweetreaches, the temperate Sugar Tree Plains serve as Nymellis' breadbasket. The regional capital, Sugar Tree City, is centrally located and not far south of the Ash Hand Road — an ancient train track that stretches east to west below the northern dividing ranges. Its long western coast faces the Sugarbee Sea.

The central region of Wulnyme, separated from the Sugar Tree Plains by the Humansheart Mountains, is dominated by the unforgiving War Bee Deserts. Its regional capital, Honey Home City, was once a lively centre of trade and innovation, before a number of battles in the Owl-Human Wars devastated the area. It still has not recovered fully, though the small town of String Bee City has become successful as a centre for breeding weaponised locust swarms as most famously utilised in the saving of Lime Bulb City. Its southern coast marks the point of the Sea of Tears.

Further west, across the formiddable Owlsblood Mountains, the deserts give way to Snowflake Swamp. The hottest place on earth, this enormous region of swampland was named for nostalgia for the Bees' arctic homeland. As Marshnyme, its regional capital of Snowflake City is also the capital of Nymellis as a whole.

At the eastern end of the Ash Hand Road — on the east coast between the ends of Snowflake Swamp and the War Bee Deserts — is a dark area known as Deadbee Basin. Although it is assigned its own region and capital (Deadnyme and Greyfall City, respectively) it is almost entirely abandoned and largely forbidden. The Basin is an area once used for disposal of poorly-treated and mishandled nuclear waste that had been transported along the train tracks now making up the Ash Hand Road.

North of all these areas, and separated from them for most of the continent's length by the gentle but impassable Marchmountain Ranges, lies the beautiful but stern Nymelian tundra. For all the region's size, the Northern March is sparsely populated. Even its regional capital, Seal Cliff City, is little more than a small town. Seal Cliff City is one of few settlements located on the northern cliffs, overlooking the Ocean of Blood where the voracious and Bee-hating Seals make their home. This ocean meets the northern and eastern coasts of the continent and regulates much of the weather.