Head Light City




Skyspace Melpomene, Overearth

An important Human city that has risen to great economic power despite periods of internal and external strife.


Origins, Raising & Great RenamingEdit

Little is known about early Head Light City; historians speculate that it originated from a region of scorching desert, where it would have stood as the only cool resting place for weary travellers for great distances. Most of this conjecture is based on attemps at reconstructing the pre-Renaming name, which have repeatedly led historical linguists to suggest the name "Cool Inn".

In any case, the Raising was more successful than that of some others. Head Light City had a head-start in development, as it were. The entire town intact was intact, along with large warlacks runs and many greenhouses. This, along with the city's position in a direct windline with what would soon be renamed Light Bulb City, meant that citizens could adapt to the new environment more quickly and immediately start technological development. Early efforts were largely focused on transport mechanisms for the Skyspace.

Shortly before the Great Renaming, Head Light City signed a contract with Light Bulb City to work together to open a university for all Humans. Following the 'light' theme and drawing on their transportation engineering and promotion of intelligence, the name Head Light City was chosen.

Invention of the Caelobus & Economic BoomEdit

Owl-Human Wars & Political ReformEdit

Invention of the Caelogun & MilitarisationEdit

The Tyranny of the PegsEdit


The First Razing of Head Light CityEdit

Skyspace Melpomene OuranoguardEdit

The Second Razing of Head Light CityEdit

Aftermath & RecoveryEdit